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2012 ISRA World Championships

Malmö 6-13 October



Oct 13

Oct 11

Oct 9

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Sep 30

Thank you all racers for this year, see you next year in Kiev

Matti Fyhr is the new World Champion in Eurosport 24

Piero Castricone is the new World Champion in F1-32

Vladimir Horky is the new World Champion in Eurosport 32

We congratulate our 2 new world champions

in the Produktion 24 Team Race

Piero Castricone and Guido Santarelli

Timetable updated.

Sep 20

Sep 6


Aug 31

Aug 14

June 2

May 27





The price giving cermony will be held at the Hotel Jägersro.

Please let us know who your team partner will be, if you not already

are registered.

Registration closes 6 September

Producton parts spec. under misc.

Updated pictures from the NEC/Warm up race

Winners for the free start to the ISRA2012 World Championship

P24   Steve Sargent

ES32 Kaiar Tammeleth

F132 Peteris Taurins

ES 24 Johan Thorsson

Results for the WarmUp race


April 24

Official sponsors for The ISRA 2012 is




Burger King

CarSteen Controllers

Red Fox

Attan Slot


Betta Classic


Valiko Motors

ABCD Painting

SlotCar 4 Fun


April 22

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Feb. 21

Feb. 13

Feb. 13

Feb. 01

Photos updated with pictures from moving of the track

Venue settled

New Hotel deal with BEST WESTERN Hotel Jägersro  

New ISRA 2012 rulebook

Don´t forget to register for the Warm Up Race

Entrants updated

The first non Swede to register was Chris Bruyninx, Belgium

Web sites open

Production class body; BPA Volvo S60 (#K061)