The registration process for the ISRA 2012 Worlds runs as follows:

Step 1/ Send an e-mail to mailto:isra2012.register@telia.comwith the information as stated in the box below.

Step 2/ We will send a proper confirmation message within a few days. In the message there will be information about how you pay your entry fees, how much and a personal identification code.

Step 3/ Pay your entry fees in full and make sure you place the received identification code in the message field of the money transfer. If you do not we will not be able to link the payment to you.

Step 4/ When we have received your payment you are registered and your name will appear on the list of entrants. You will also receive a second confirmation e-mail.

Problems? Send an e-mail to or use the phone numbers stated under Contact.



ISRA ranking number:
(If you do not have one leave the field blank)

E-mail address:
Postal address:

Registration close on Thursday September 6 2012.